About “Violin Tricks”


3 of 5 of the Violin Club WHC, 2014


Ruthven and Lawrence Frylinck
Ruthven and Lawrence Frylinck interviewed by the crew of “Kruiskyk”
Two Littlies at an outdoors Ceilidh, 2005
2010 Ceilidh Meggi Sanchen 2
Ceilidh 2010
During a Studio Concert in 2009
Robin's camera Oct 2010 886
Before a concert: Tuning and preparations

I run a lively violin studio in South Africa.  This blog was created as a news and extras page for my studio site; here I talk to my students, their parents, our friends and supporters and fellow musicians about upcoming events, issues, and other things.

I hope I won’t talk about issues too much.

I also post updates here about concerts and other functions; however, if you aren’t sure what is happening, call me.

If you are a violin student, teacher, player or listener who is not part of my studio, you may still find this blog amusing to read, and might even pick up tips…  though I’m sure you’ve heard them from your teacher, too.

About me:

I’m a writer, musician, mother and entrepreneur in South Africa.  I’m also a loudmouth with foot-in-mouth disease, so if I offend you with a post or a comment, please forgive – it is probably unintentional. I comment a lot, so feel free to invite me to your blog if I haven’t yet found it.

Lyz Russo

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