Thank you for a lovely concert

Dear Students, Parents and Friends of the Studio

Thank you for an amazing concert last night.

I wanted to hold a speech the way Iain used to, but I’m simply not cut out for this.  We missed him terribly, and his guitarists too.  Nevertheless, we had four (!) hours of music.

Almost Everybody arrived!

The concept we started last year, with having all children on the stage at the same time, works.  A lot of walking on and off was avoided this way.  Furthermore the instruments were safely in the hands of either the players or the parents, which gives a teacher immense peace of mind.

Our youngest player was four!

We also had “veterans” – old students of ours who have long since evolved into performing musicians – gracing the stage with their music, and also friends who had joined our ensembles.

Iain’s “Trad of the Isles” ensemble, after the horrible shock in January which nearly shook it apart, has regrouped.  They played, and gave us some lovely traditional melodies, and are luckily now picking up more players again.  Iain never wanted the music to stop.  They also brought a song that he composed (an E-tolls protest song called “The Highwayman”).  That was very special.  It is a rock song but it was surprising how well suited it is for Trad.

After the concert, while people were having some lovely food (thank you!) in the foyer, some of us just wouldn’t quit the stage.  The acoustics of that place are so alive!  We “duelled” parts of the Bach Double Concerto for 2 violins, doing “doubles” like in tennis, with 3 violins and an oboe.


More pictures and vids will hopefully come in through the week. I will post them once I have them.

In total it must have been one of the longest concerts we’ve had yet.  We usually aim to keep them under 2 hours, but in this case everyone wanted to bring a tribute…

Thank you.  It is deeply appreciated.



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