Restarting the year

Dear Students & Parents

Thank you for your solid support during this difficult time.

Lessons have restarted and are going on at the usual pace.  I will work out individual schedules with each of you who have lost lessons due to the tragedy.

We have 1 potential venue for a Ceilidh, and we have 2 potential guitar teachers, for the guitar students who wish to continue with lessons at a referral. Please, guitarists, do come to our Ceilidhs still, and if you can, our concerts.  It would be empty without you!

We also have taken aboard a piano teacher who is prepared to drive out to students.  Please message me for details.

Arts at Sussex has kindly offered their venue for the Junior Orchestra, on Saturdays.  This is accepted gratefully.

Iain would not want the music to stop!  Please keep on practising.


Your teacher Lyz



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