Thank you for a wonderful Concert, & come party at the Ceilidh

I don’t have photos and vids yet from yesterday’s concert, but want to tell all who participated, whether as players, helpers or audience:  Thank you SO much!

It was a fabulous concert.

The new format works a lot better, that is thanks to my friend Eloise Hellyer, who gave me the idea.  We had in the past partially implemented something like that, but never completely.

This time, we did a few numbers with the orchestra, and then all the violin solos in one go.  This cut out a lot of dead time walking on and off, falling over music stands, shooshing kids backstage and so on.  Also a big thankyou to the parents who kept their excited children sitting quietly with them while the strings ensemble and guitarists performed first.  This worked very well.

Part of the purpose of the concerts is of course to teach children how to listen to other people’s performances.  This is not something a person is born with, and it is different from school as no explanations are given with the music and no notes are taken.  So it is an entirely internal experience for the listener, translating the music into his inner world.

Please remember the Ceilidh at the end of this week, to celebrate the year that has passed and give the holidays a good starting impetus.  🙂

See you there!


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