Studio concert delayed due to storms

We’ve had some interesting concerts in October in previous years.  There was a time I scheduled all second-semester concerts for September to avoid the exam/sillyseason crush, but that had its own set of complications.

Last year it was so humid during the October concert, I had to re-tune every last violin before every last performance.  Educational for the audience…

This year the weather really tripped us up.  I have never, never yet, delayed a concert due to clouds in the sky.  We’ve had concerts in the rain (it’s indoors, people), we even had one where the roof started leaking, and another where the electricity went off.  Real fun; but the show went on.  You understand, in showbiz, The Show Must Go On is all twelve of ten commandments.

But this year, there was this:


That was Wednesday; the previous Sunday had seen a similar scenario in Hazeldean and Equestria.  So when Vodacom sent us all storm warnings out of courtesy, and a number of students raised concerns about these on Friday afternoon, I thought it safest to call off that evening’s concert and move it to the 3rd of December.

Speaking to some of my students’ parents the next day proved it had not been a wrong decision.  There was a storm that night; some roads were very difficult to navigate.  Apparently there were also renewed floods, in Joburg.  One of my students drives from Joburg.

Here is the new concert date:

3rd December, Saturday

16:30 for 17:00

At the Tauromenium, 330 Derrick st, Waterkloof

I’m hoping to see you all there!

Your teacher Lyz








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