New Term Ahoy!

To my sweet students, parents and friends of the Studio:

There’s a new term up ahead! In only another few days, we’ll be tackling Great Things.

Some of you will once again be taking the Trinity College London system on your horns with exams in the last term; this third term is there to prepare.

Term 3 is usually long and difficult, which is why we intend to break up the monotony with at least 1 Ceilidh and 1 house concert.  Our Irish Ensemble (“Trad”) is ready with a number of new pieces to entertain you; this time including lovely slow tunes like “Danny Boy”.  Our Mozart ensemble has a few items nearly ready for public consumption.

The Junior Orchestra will be rehearsing at the same address but in a slightly roomier place, as the weather grows warmer.

Music is the vision of a better world.

We must make music our reprieve.  When we play music, we forget about our troubles.  Let’s give this term the best we have and then some, by making music our refuge.

For your inspiration:

Lindsey Sterling with “Into The Woods”



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