Ensemble Work


It turns out that we have 3 different ensembles going in the Studio at this point.  There really is something for (almost) everyone:

The Irish ensemble (playing jigs, reels etc, Irish folk music) nearing very good amateur levels and playing gigs in various places;

Our Kiddies’ orchestra on Saturdays (for which I am looking for suggestions for a nice name, as “Twinklers” doesn’t apply any longer);

and recently, our “Mozart Ensemble”, consisting of mainly teenagers playing at a fair level, with violins, celli, and viola.  We’re playing Mozart divertimenti and string quartets; we’ll lace the repertoire with other music as well, of course (e.g. the Pachelbel – the real Pachelbel – is on the menu).

There is too much ensemble music in preparation to accommodate it all in the Studio Concert, so that it was suggested that we split the concert; to have the official Studio Concert with solo performances on one Friday night, and the Ensemble Evening on another weekend.

I am looking forward to both!  We haven’t decided on dates yet; nor have we decided on a date for a Ceilidh though one is due.  Keep watching this space.


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