Thank you :-)

Thank you my wonderful students and parents for a lovely Studio Concert on Friday!

Despite the threat of load-shedding hanging over us (for which we prepared by getting extra lighting, battery-driven), everything went according to schedule.  The turn-out was amazing, with grand-parents, aunts and uncles and cousins also coming to listen.

In the first half, there were a few minor glitches – I hadn’t primed my orchestra to take their music with them onstage!  So here we are, facing the audience, and I spot a whole lot of empty stands…   I had to announce a false start and march us all back offstage to collect the music first.  At our second entry, things went better.

We faced the audience, lifted our violins – and our youngest decided to give a solo performance by lifting her violin upside-down, staring defiantly at the audience and storming off-stage.  😀  I have to say it might be a bit intimidating for her, being only 4, among children who are nine years and older; I’m sure she knew deep-down that she was actually the star of the show, and the pressure got too much.  She managed to wow the audience anyway, by being so cute.

Once we had played “Strawberries and Ice Cream” (a.k.a. “The Inevitable”), my youngest players barring the little one gave their solo performances, very bravely and sturdily.  We finished off with two more numbers from the orchestra, both of which went down rather well. The first half of solo performances followed, with brave, well-practiced but nerve-riddled numbers.  I’ll have to give a workshop on stage fright and performing.

In the second half, our more advanced students performed (though this is not absolute; we mixed beginners and advanced just a little bit in both halves to give better balance to the program).  There were some really sparkling performances here.  I’ll bring in more classical pieces next time, among the tangos, flamenco and gypsy.  To top off the concert and as a reward for all those present, we had a Spanish dancer giving an enchanting performance.

She is actually a Spanish Dance instructor, so if anyone is interested in approaching her for lessons, you are welcome to contact me for her number!

The reception after the concert was sumptuous, thanks to YOU – our students & parents.

Altogether:  Thank you, all you wonderful people, for a glorious Studio Concert that will most certainly be remembered!

If you have recorded clips or videos, please feel free to post them on the Studio Facebook Page or send them to me so that I can.

Signing off with a BIG smile.


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