Ceilidh came and went

On Saturday there was a lovely Ceilidh, with a cozy fireplace and a homely livingroom, at generous hosts.  Except for the hosts, only one family from the Studio was present.

Often these small Ceilidhs are the best, from a musical and fun point of view; however I can’t help but wonder why so many people decided not to come.  Isn’t it rather rude to the host if she prepares the place for 20 people and only 4 arrive?

The function of the Ceilidhs is to allow your child or yourself an opportunity to perform without pressure.  The system is in place to help eliminate stage fright (because even on our unthreatening stage, people have performance angst).  The more you perform in front of people in a non-critical setting, the better prepared you are for that stage, and also for exams and more daunting stages.

The benefits of a Ceilidh don’t stop at studio concerts or playing your instrument.  Children and adults alike become more assertive and self-assured in normal life and better public speakers even when they attend events that expose them to perform before others.  The benefits are enormous, also later in professional life.

Having said all this, we’ve had some pretty sweet performances from the children who did attend.  It was a joy.  Well done.


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