Our Studio Terms (dates) this year


Our Studio Terms for 2015:
  • Term 1: 12 January – 25 March  (10.5 weeks) (both dates included)

  • Term 2: 13 April – 27 June (11 weeks)

  • Term 3: 20 July – 3 October (11 weeks)

  • Term 4: 12 October – 9 December plus an extra scheduled lesson (9 weeks +1 lesson)

Concerning the proposed move to memberships:


While not exactly changing to memberships after all, (we’re still on term fees), I have moved away from 100% synching with the public schools. Our studio terms now mainly take place during school term, but there will be lessons here and there that may fall into the holidays, because: Each of our terms is now a minimum length of 10 lessons. This puts a stop to the end-of-year shorter term nonsense. It also means that there will be additional lessons scheduled either during the break between the last two terms, or in the first week of December holidays, or alternatively individually to make up the individual lesson count to 10.

Additionally: The following change was introduced:

Up to 3 lessons per term – that is 30% of the term – can be rescheduled, regardless why they were missed. Beyond that, lessons are forfeited. If there is a consistent problem, please contact me to revise the regular lesson schedule to find a better suited slot.

The 11th week of a term:  

The 11th lesson is optional, but if missed, cannot be rescheduled.

I am again keeping a lesson register to stay up to date with attendance.


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