Lesson times and other stories

Book your times:

We have been going for a week now, and I would like to encourage those of you who haven’t yet contacted me back, to do so soon, to organize your lesson times.  I still have slots open but they are filling up fast.

The Good News:

Please refer to your fees sheet to have a look what special concessions I offer to my students.  I encourage you to make use of them.

Exams this year:

I will discuss individually with the students I’d like to enroll for Trinity exams, this year.  We’ll take the end-year exams so we have the whole year to prepare.  (This doesn’t mean, of course, that we do only exam prep this year.  We continue with the program as usual.)

Orchestra, Violin Club:

For now, the Violin Club happens in Faerie Glen, the time on the Wednesday afternoon still to be finalized.  Orchestra is not yet finalized but I’m planning it for Saturday mornings, 10 am.


We’re planning a Studio picnic for the afternoon of 7 February.  Contact us for details or watch your email box.


That’s all for now; see you at lessons!

Violin Club, 2014
Violin Club, 2014





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