Sounds like music

The Music Workshop in Faerie Glen is halfway, and much fun was had last weekend by the participants.  We are also making good progress with a number of the songs, they already sound like music.

Listening to the guitars playing their part
… “God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”
Lunch Break: “Do ‘air violin’ “

It seems as though every time the violinists have their violins in their hands, so do I… but I’ll take some photos of them in action this coming Saturday.



The Violin Studio restarts on the 12th of January.  I don’t think I could bear to sit still longer than that!

Please, at this point if you send me a text messagesign off with your name.  I’ve “upgraded” (it’s really a downgrade) to a touchscreen Windows phone that is currently driving me insane, and it’s not seeing any of the numbers on my sim card, so I have to transfer them manually.  However, the photos above were taken with that phone, it has 2 really useful features: A nice camera, and a functional speaker so I can hear my callers again :-D.

I”ll be sending out our fees sheet for next year in this week.  Fear not, there has not been much of an increase.

We’re still battling to convert the video files from the Studio Concert into actual mpegs for putting on DVD.  (grr!)  Much more of this and I’ll go to some professional “computer studio”.


Next year I’ll start a children’s orchestra.  This will replace the Violin Club sessions and happen 1x per week on a Saturday morning.  There is a nominal charge as there will most probably be rental to cover (venue still pending), and tea & cookies :-).  We’re starting with our strong core, this year’s Violin Club.  I’m so proud of you children!

Many thanks to my friend Vivienne who worked so hard alongside me at Woodhill College this year. We created things that weren’t there before, and it has been an incredibly powerful experience showing our young musicians what can be done within a single year / term / orchestra rehearsal.  I’m quietly hoping that Vivienne will come and help too with our orchestra.  Wonder if we can entice her with cookies.  🙂



Have a wonderful and blessed festive season. See you early in the New Year!



One thought on “Sounds like music”

  1. Snälla, Snälla snälla, jag har letat som en tok efter denna afva2h&#8s30;firt kan man hitta den?? Snälla svara så räddar du hela mitt kök!!!=) /Nina

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