Suzuki the violin teacher – a fraud?

The Suzuki Violin Method, known to practically everyone who is involved with violin, has come under fire.  Sources claim that Dr Shinichi Suzuki was a fraud, in that he lied about his background.

Mrs Piggy (the Muppet Show) said that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

The “accuser”, a blogger and violin teacher by name of O’Conner, has created his own violin method and needs to market it.  As it appears to be quite similar to the vastly successful Suzuki method, he first needs a way to crack down the existing wall of Suzuki Method.

You can imagine the interaction:

Bookshop:  “Nah, we’re not interested in your method – people only want to buy the Suzuki Method.”

O’Conner:  “… by the way did you know that Suzuki was a fraud?”

Yup, certainly a way to sell a new method.


There are no new ways of playing violin, folks.  What there might be, is new insights into how we learn.  And you get good methods and bad methods (sorry O’Conner, but the Suzuki Method is a great start), and good teachers and bad teachers.  And also, good students and bad students, and good support vs no support at home.  All these are factors.  It’s not a factory.

But the publicity can’t half be hurting the Suzuki Foundation.  Nothing like some hot debates to revive interest in a staid and established system.


Next on the menu:  We’ve got the clips from the concert!  Watch this space my students, because I’ll be posting photos, and we’ll make DVDs of the show so you can remember it forever.




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