The Holiday Overlap

This is specifically for my private-school students:

I’m sorry that there is such an enormous gap between the various schools’ holidays this year.  To compensate for this discrepancy and prevent lost lessons, here is my plan:

Option 1

Please note that I’ll be at the school the following times / dates to compensate for the holiday overlap between state and private schools.  One lesson still belongs to the 3rd term and one to the 4th term.

  • Tue 23 Sept: 9h – 12h
  • Thu 25 Sept: 9h – 12h
  • Tue 30 Sept: 15h[taken] 16h-17h
  • Wed 1 Oct: 9h – 12h

Please book your lesson time with me (thank you to the mom who was so fast to already book her child’s time, minutes after the email went out).  If you don’t book I won’t know to be there at a specific time.  On days that find no taker at all I will not drive out.

Option 2:

If you find that you can’t make it during any of the above times, please let me know; then you are entitled to 2 catch-up lessons in the 4th term that need to be arranged separately.

Please also keep in mind that the Studio is closed the week of 4 – 10 October, as this is when public schools are closed.  (This is why you need to book 2 adjustment lessons, one for term 3 and one for term 4.  Term 3 for the public schools has 11 weeks which balances out the 9-week fourth term.)

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


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