Third Term starts on 21st July

2 Studio Rules explained


As per our Studio Rules, the Violin Studio bases its terms on the Gauteng public school terms.

This means that we are restarting with lessons, Violin Club and the whole lot on the 21st of July.

It came as a surprise to me that Woodhill is already restarting school this week; however this does not affect the Studio’s terms as we are a private teaching studio contracted out by WHC.  You will also occasionally find that there are still lessons when you have a mid-term break or your holiday starts early.

We had to standardize this.  Standardizing a schedule is one of the worst nightmares in running a music, arts or drama studio.  For this same reason, we have the rule that if a lesson is missed, it is not caught up unless the student 1) suddenly got ill or had a sudden injury, or 2) gives 24 hours notice of missing the lesson.

Woodhill has an exciting schedule with an upcoming talent evening on the 24th of July.  Of our violin kids, 3 who started this year are already participating in the orchestra.  This is an exceptional achievement.  Well done to Merissa, Kaylyn and Megan.

See you all on Tuesday.


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