Happy New Scalar Practice

2014 is HERE!

And with it, a new year, new challenges, new students and higher level exams.

I’d like to recommend a book at this point.  It was written by Prof Alan Solomon, one of South Africa’s greatest celebrity violinists (now living in Pasadena).  He has a fine touch with how to make the violin feel completely intuitive; so much so that many Suzuki teachers here often used his “Not Another Scale Book” as a standard alongside the Suzuki method.

Music Book
Not Another Scale Book – a most intuitive method for scales and arpeggios. By celebrity violinist Alan Solomon

The book was out of print for a while – at which point all sorts of teachers called each other (and also me) to find out where to get copies.  Luckily the book is reprinted in a new edition.

Teachers, students, young hobby violinists, young professionals – seriously, you could do worse than get a copy of this book.

For sentimentality, the whole book is in the original handwriting of the master.  Don’t wait for the more square layout without images, which might or might not happen  – you need these methods now.  You’ll only really know how surprisingly effective they are once you have tried them yourself.




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