Lovely Studio Concert & proud exam results

A big Thank You to all my wonderful stars who performed yesterday at the Studio Concert. It was a very high-quality concert. My youngest addition opened the program with “The Brave Mouse”, and very aptly so, as she has been taking lessons for only about a month and was playing remarkably well for that.

We had a small, compact core of performers and an audience large enough for a house concert.  The dynamic was great.

We had four students who stood on our concert stage for the first time.  Among them were one who had just started violin; one who has been coming to Ceilidhs with her guitar but never yet a concert, and another two who have been going for a while but – for various reasons – this was the first of our concerts they could attend.

We also had one student show extreme commitment and come to play despite dire circumstances.  While we would have understood 100% if she hadn’t made it, the fact that she did arrive and play is immensely appreciated.

Then we had a two-sisters band with remarkable showmanship.  Besides demonstrating their technical skills with advanced pieces, they entertained us with “crowd pleasers”, in part with a Latin tinge:  La Cumparsita, Tico Bird, and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme.

Iain and I played a few numbers, also with Latin/gypsy flavour; after which the “South African Irish Band Zonder Name” swept us up in a wonderful medley of Irish folk music.

Thank you to all my wonderful performers.  What a concert!

I have also just received the results of my exam students (only four played exams this year, it is not a general habit in my studio).

What a wonderful surprise!  All have passed with merit!  Guess who is grinning as broad as daylight!



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