WHC school orchestra, and Studio Concert

We’re working on establishing a school orchestra at Woodhill College.

I’ve been wanting to do this forever, but as extramural teacher didn’t exactly have the possibilities.  Now the resident music teacher has asked me to help her get it going – WONDERFUL!

The school already has a pretty good Marimba band, and a school “band” featuring some guitars, drums etc.  An orchestra (which will work closely with the choir) will be something new and fun.  It’s also high time that WHC gets this going; the school has a great reputation in sports and academically, so we don’t want to fall behind on culture either.

I’m very excited about this project!

Next up in the Studio:

Concert on the 9th November.

17h30 for 18h

Get the address from your teacher – it is not at the Taurominium this time.

As usual, dress is smart-casual, bring a food contribution for the reception after the concert; make sure you eat something solid (preferably protein) before performing, and practise nicely!

This time, we are going to have a bit more fun than usual at the concerts.  There’s a surprise item on the menu; and also, we, your teachers, are going to be playing a few numbers to inspire and encourage you.

Be there!


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