What you can achieve in 4 weeks

Violin exams are up ahead for some of my students, in only 4 weeks from now.

Not a lot of time left to practise.

Here are some tips that will help you survive these exams.  Some of these are obvious and you’ll have heard all of them before but it’s good to revise:

  • Practise every day.  Your brain neurology works best on regular usage.  So do your muscles.
  • Start with long bows, intonation.
  • Warm up by tackling the most difficult passages first, slowly and accurately.
  • If you can’t find a large block of time to practise because of school and other exams, break up your practise session into 12 tiny sessions.
  • Before you practise, eat or drink something to get your glucose levels up.


That which you practise, is that which you’ll be able to play.

Good luck for the exams!






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