Difficile Lectu Mihi Mars


Mozart was in the habit of writing the most heavenly music.

He was also known not to hold back with comedy and ridicule.  (See “Will der Herr Graf ein Taenzchen mal wagen?” from “Figaro”.)

Some weighty voices (especially of psychologists in the field looking for sensationalism, and movie producers trying to rally publicity for “Amadeus”) have been trying to establish that Mozart had some psychiatric syndrome, i.e. Tourette’s.  This is patent nonsense.

  • At age 15 Mozart was the greatest violinist of his time, overshadowing his father Leopold who had been that before him.
  • One of the main identifying features of a Tourette syndrome are nervous tics.
  • You do not play violin with tics.  Let alone become the greatest violinist of your time.

The theory of Mozart’s “Tourette’s Syndrome” was based on the following:  His exuberant nature (“hyperactive” – but a sufferer of hyperactivity cannot draw a closed circle, let alone compose operas and symphonies), and his “scatological” tendencies.

There is evidence that the language in the circles the young adult Mozart moved in, was quite filthy.  “Reck den Arsch zum Mund” (“stretch your a.. to your mouth”) was apparently a perfectly standard wish for a good night’s sleep – just as we’d say, “don’t let the bugs bite”, which doesn’t imply either that all of us live in infested conditions.

However the above canon proves something far beyond the nonsense theory of any syndrome.  Mozart had a fine, educated sense of humour.  This canon was written, apparently, for a very stuck-up acquaintance who thought himself miles ahead of the crowd.  He was asked to sing the “Latin” words…  and didn’t even realize that to his ridicule, he was saying all sorts of scatological stuff.

I spent too many years of my early adulthood pointing other people to third people’s research.  Go look it up yourselves!  😉


2 thoughts on “Difficile Lectu Mihi Mars”

  1. Reblogged this on the red ant and commented:

    For my friend Colonialist, for our entertainment…
    There are a good few such Mozart canons which lend themselves to such moments as these.
    You’ll find the links at the Youtube site of this canon.

  2. This canon when fired gives quite an explosion of mirth!
    Don’t people love basing theories on quite inadequate and slanted data? Also, become willing to be fed myths. Take Salieri, who is represented as having no talent and overawed by that of Mozart. Actually, Salieri wrote a lot of fine stuff and was highly regarded.

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