The violin exams of Trinity College London are marked this way:

To my exam-playing students whom I challenged in August to exams in October:

Here is how Trinity marks it (and you can find the same details and a LOT more on the Trinity site at


Your pieces:

22 points each, to a total of 66% of the exam

Your scales or studies:

14 points

Aux test 1:  10 points

Aux test 2: 10 points

(66 + 14 + 10 + 10 = 100)


Here’s how each piece gets marked:

1)  Musical / notational accuracy (“me and the music”):  How exactly correct you can play the piece  (7 pts)

2) Technical facility (“me and my instrument”).  How you have the instrument under control – for us violinists that would mean primarily bowing and intonation, and of course speed

3) Expression (“me and the audience”) encompasses all the dynamics, tempi and accents of the piece, the character thereof; also showmanship, interaction with the audience etc.


Best of luck for you all, shooting for impressive goals!


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