A lovely Ceilidh

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… I’m beginning to think they’re leaving some of us behind to get rid of us?  :))  (LOL)

We’ve just returned from a lovely Ceilidh.

It was a bit empty though, a lot of the people who said they’d make it, weren’t there, so the inspirational factor (for which we hold these functions) was a bit less than usual.  But the community factor with people who don’t usually sing, singing together, was great. I think in the end people were pretty inspired anyway; and one of our shyest guitarists sang a really beautiful song from Siebenbuergen, a German settlement in Transylvania (!).

We have a saying in German:

“Wo man singt, da lass dich ruhig nieder.

Boese Menschen haben keine Lieder.”

(Where people are singing, you can relax and join the company.  Evil people don’t have any songs.)

There was also a surprise – the young uncle of one of my students (uncle himself barely an adult) turned out to be an absolutely natural musician.  One of those rare ones, whom you can show something and he catches it immediately and absorbs it and makes it his own and the next thing he’s improved on it.  My student (herself 12) started him on the violin tonight, after I showed him a few tricks on the guitar.

I really enjoyed this Ceilidh.  Thanks my student’s parents for opening your home to the Studio and hosting this Ceilidh!  🙂

… kalinka …

(I think, the next Ceilidh we’ll hold in my flat again; we’ve previously managed to squish 15 people in here, let’s see how many we can do next.  It will have to be in winter, and I’ll maybe make a Feuerzangenbohle.  This is a highly alcoholic hot drink so obviously I’ll also have something else that’s warm, that the kids and teetotallers can drink, such as spiced Rooibos.)


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