My dearests

The five things that make you succeed in music; good luck for the concert tomorrow.


I only expect four, or rather, five things of my students. Only ever. And only two of my students’ parents.

This is a truly simplified version of my studio’s rules:

1. Come to class!
2. Have a good attitude.
3. Have all the materials ready that I prescribe. Books, metronome – you need them!
5. Come to the Studio Concerts and Ceilidhs.

And as to the parents:

1) Enable and enforce 1 through 5, above.
2) Pay the lesson fees on time.

All these are shows of respect. Without respect, all teaching is lost and you are wasting your and my time, and your moneys.

Practicing hard requires a bit of humility. It takes the student accepting that all is not yet good and there is room for improvement. The more humble the student, the better the practicing works, as you will also listen to my guidance instead of trying doggedly to go through the wall with your own head first (a practice that will only give you a headache).

Practice respect and humility in your daily life, a day at a time; you will be surprised how much better many things suddenly work. And those who respect others, will in turn earn and deserve respect.

All my brave souls who will be standing on stage tomorrow night: Good luck! toi-toi-toi!

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