Studio Concert coming up

All our students: Studio Concert scheduled for 5th of May, 18h00.


All our students:  Please be aware of the studio concert on FRIDAY the 4th of May, starting at 18h00.  As usual, be there at least 30 minutes early, for settling in and tuning.

We have some young dynamos in the studio at current, it is promising to be one inspiring concert!  Also welcome to our new “Twinklers” and guitar novices.

  • The concert is for the benefit of the students.  Young performers lose their stage-fright when playing for a sympathetic audience.
  • Younger/less advanced players are inspired by performances better than their own.  This encourages them to reach higher.
  • Young children (especially if wild) need to be kept in check and taught to sit nicely and listen.
  • Please don’t leave halfway.  The performances get better as the evening draws on; and the advanced players have to listen to the beginners, so how fair is it that they should have to play to a smaller audience?  Besides it teaches children selfishness if one leaves with them after their performance without waiting for the evening to finish.  It is a Friday; the children can sleep late the next morning.
  • Works with several movements:  Audience, most of you know this but I’ll mention it anyway.  If a work with several movements is performed, one doesn’t applaud between movements.
  • Make sure your child eats something before arriving.  It’s a long hour until break.  Also make sure, as it’s winter, that your child is dressed warmly enough.  Being cold affects a performance.
  • To combat stage fright, eat protein!  This is apparently no joke.  It works.

Hoping to see you all there!

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