Dynamic Duo on Kruiskyk

Our twin musicians were interviewed by TV station “Kruiskyk”. A story of hope, persistence and refusing to give up. An overload of talent doesn’t exactly hurt either…

Ruthven and Lawrence Frylinck
Ruthven and Lawrence Frylinck interviewed by the crew of "Kruiskyk"

The crew of “Kruiskyk” came to interview two of our students at their home on Thursday, for the program “Voete”, provisionally scheduled to be aired on Sunday 15th April at 18h00.

Identical twins Ruthven and Lawrence Frylinck have been with the Violin Studio for several years now.  They perform together regularly, having notched up (besides the regular Studio Concerts) various weddings, sundowner functions, birthdays and promotional events.  Their story, to be told on “Voete” next Sunday, is one of winning through persistence.  The TV appearance is thoroughly deserved.  Of course a healthy overdose of talent doesn’t hurt.

Their repertoire includes classical pieces, gypsy fiddle, Irish,Celtic, opera and Afrikaans songs;  their instruments span from a capella singing to keyboard-accompanied violin, tin whistle, low whistle, and a blend of above.

Ruthven and Lawrence Frylinck can be found at our Musician’s Hub page.




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