Violin Tricks: Scales!

Scales are “riffs” and are used in that way by everyone, from Beethoven through to metal lead guitarists in night clubs. The only difference is that the lead guitarists might not think of their “riffs” as “scales”.


Scales??  Who wants to read about scales??  What an outmoded system!  Ancient people always forced their children to learn scales…

Maybe today a better name for a scale would be a “riff”.  In case you really didn’t know, a “riff” is a short sequence of notes that causes an effect and is repeated in various shapes and sizes throughout a piece or performance.

Scales are simply a specific form of “riff”.

Beethoven’s violin concerto is as full of those scale “riffs” as a metal guitarist’s performance.

Think about it and listen out for them.  Maybe this very short post has served as a new perspective on something you thought you hated…



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