Hello Readers!

Violin materials – inspirational listening!


To all who wish to read this blog but don’t really know why:

It’s a blog for violinists or those interested in the instrument,  about tricks and tips and experiences, that have come together over the years of playing and teaching violin (and viola).

Feel free to link, or comment and let me know if you have specific questions; luckily I don’t claim to know it all but I can refer you, in general, to some pretty good answers / answerers.

To kick it off I’ll post a few links to people I find are great.


1.  The chant of the Nightingale, Sarasate (MUST hear!!)


(Played by Marta Abraham – Hungarian violinist http://www.martaabraham.com/en/biography)

(I have to agree with one of those Youtube comments – you haven’t heard violin until you’ve heard her play!)


2. The inimitable David Garrett playing “Dance of the Goblins” (Bazzini)



Have fun listening.

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